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  • Product Demos

    Showcase your products in real time and in real size to your customers, without having to worry about logistics or carrying your products wherever you go. We will help you carry your portfolio of products in Virtual Reality and make your customers feel them life alike.

  • Interactive Visual Tour

    Now making a Tour of Facilities for your Campus is made lot easier with our state of art Virtual Reality rendeing of your premises. Make an ever lasting impression of your premises in the customers mind without even having to travel down and visit your campus physically.

  • Interactive Print

    Our futuristic Augmented reality solutions help your boring print material content to become alive and provide real time information at the ease of your customer's finger tip using a smart phone.

  • Architechtural Visualization

    Make your customers see what they are about to get even before a foundation stone is laid. With our sophisticated Virtual Reality applications you can provide immersive walkthrough of your architectures to clients without having to explain any detail.

  • Virtual Showrooms

    Setting up stalls and showroom's that matches your portfolio of products are not easy to get. With our Augmented Brouchers and Virtual Reality solutions, all that you need to carry for an exhibition is your brand identies and VR head mounted display.

  • Education

    With our futuristic Holographic displays make your students see the planetorium and alike complex educational concepts in action within a classroom real time.

Experience the NEXT.


Architectural Visualization


Virtual reality can revolutionize Architecural Visualization. Here at VRNEXT we develop Applications that can be played in Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR to provide a totally immersive user experience. We Translate your boring CAD drawings and 3D renderings into a game changing Architectural Experience via Virtual Reality. Our Virtual Reality architectural renderings will even enable the architects to spot mistakes and find opportunities early in the design process.



We provide fully immersive virtual reality education experiences to help educate students of all ages. we will cover a wide range of subjects including history, geography, biology, mathematics, medicine, astronomy and science in an engaging and fun manor which will inspire a new hunger for learning with our users. we plan to release new content regularly which will focus on key days in history or focus on hard to visualize subjects.

Virtual Showroom


We can help create your virtual showroom, where customers can explore the entire range of your products in vivid detail using Virtual Reality goggles and an immersive digital experience. We enable your customers to be able to “build” and examine configurations of every product model and experience them in a range of environments. We build Virtual relity applications that provide a realistic experience and conjure up every combination of features, amenities, equipment and colors. The three-dimensional experience also includes life-like sound effects.


We build Internet of Things products ranging from Home Automation to Industrial Automation by building a network of smart devices tailered for your specific needs.

Augmented Reality

We build Augmented Reality applications for Microsoft Holo Lense and Google Glass. We help building your Augmented Brouchers and Augmented spaces by building Smart phone / Tablet applications.

Hologram Display

We build state of art hologram displays to help display your brand materials in your Reception, Exibitions and Window show cases. Holograms are proven to attract human eyes which you can use to convert on lookers to customers.

Technology Research

At VRNEXT we help build your technology products from concept to product realization. Our experts will help you build your complex engineering ideas from scratch.

Virtual Reality

We build totally immersive experiences at our Virtual Reality lab at VRNEXT using leveraging technologies such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR.

We rely on TOP notch and Futuristic technologies.

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